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"Should I put my business online?
Can my business really benefit from a site on the web?
What am I getting into here?"

With email and WWW addresses showing up in all forms of the media, many Oklahoma businesses are asking the same questions. An internet presence is becoming an essential part of the business world. Electric Mulch Web Site Design would like to be your guide into the 21st century world of online marketing.

Our philosophy is simple.
We want to work with you to make sure that your site is:
  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Easy to use -- both for you and for your customers
  • Professional looking. A badly done site is worse than none at all.
  • A genuine complement to your marketing strategy.

  • And, if you need us to, we'll be there to help you and your employees through the transition so your business will get the greatest benefit out of online marketing -- as painlessly as possible.

    To that end, Electric Mulch has partnered with The Silver Needle to contract for a cloud server to host our web sites. Here we can offer your company dependable, robust, affordable hosting with many extra features that would require extra payment on most web hosts.

    Whether you want a straightforward, nuts-and-bolts site, or a very elaborate one, our designers will work with you to see that your site accomplishes your business objectives.

    Let us warn you in advance. We are not fans of lots of fancy whistles and bells when it comes to business web sites. And neither are your potential customers. So there are a few things we will not do. Frames. Forcing music on your customer. Animation without a definite, practical reason. Pages that take so long to load that people just give up and go elsewhere. These are the things surveys show that business customers absolutely despise, so we don't do them on business sites. Period. If you want Star Trek, we aren't the designers for you.

    On the other hand, our forte' is straightforward business sites that make it easy for your potential customers to select and purchase whatever it is that you have to sell. We photograph your merchandise -- photography is one of our specialties -- and then work hard to design a site that conveys the flavor of your business. If that is your need, we're the designers for you.

    If you are considering taking your first venture into marketing on the World Wide Web, e-mail us, or phone us at 918-438-6569. We'll be glad to help your business move forward through the great adventure of online marketing.

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