Custom Databases

The Pagekeeper® program that we used to build The Ultimate Garden Tool can build a powerful document database for your organization, too.

Your organization may need to distribute a document set, catalog, or other collection of information on CD to people at remote locations as we have done with The Ultimate Garden Tool.

Other companies have file cabinets overflowing with documents that they frequently need to find, print, or fax out to customers or employees. New documents are constantly being added to the files, and outdated ones are being removed. Often employees have to spend many hours each week locating a document that answers a specific need and standing in front of a copy or fax machine so that those documents can be passed on to the people who need them. One document database kept on a hard drive in your organization's computer can eliminate hundreds of hours of this kind of busywork yearly.

In either case, a Pagekeeper® document database can save your organization countless hours of busywork and enhance your organizations's efficiency in document handling. Documents can be in the hands of the people who need them in a much more timely fashion. As new documents become available, they can be added to the database, and outdated ones can be removed.

HortSoft has over two years of full time experience building Pagekeeper® document databases, and would be glad to consult with your organization about building a database for you.

We can be reached by email at if you would like to discuss it.

Find out more about the Pagekeeper® program by visiting the Caere Corporation's website.

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